RuneScape Rules List a to Do List?

If you’re like most RuneScape players, you follow the rules. You go about your RuneScape day skilling and Pking. What players like that tend to not see, is the other category of RuneScape players. These players are slightly more dangerous and deviant. When you look at the rule list you think “well why would I ever do that?” Unfortunately, the other kinds of players see this as a To-Do list.
As awful as it seems, some players see a rule list as a To-Do list for breaking. Even worse is, some of them achieve it and get away with it. It will usually start off with simple “censor avoidance”, where the player spells a bad word wrong while it still looks like the word. This isn’t too bad of a crime, but what happens when they go further? Will they eventually be annoying little botters or account hackers?

Rule breakers sometimes work their way up, eventually making sites for bots or stealing many accounts a day. To some, this is the life, to others, this is the worst. So what can RuneScape players do to stop these people in their tracks? Well first, don’t ever say “reported.” This is extremely rude and you will receive loads of hate messages for this. There is nothing wrong with reporting, but use it sparingly.

You can stop a streak of bad in its tracks, if you know how to spot it early. If you see anyone scamming for accounts, report them before they manage to get one. You don’t want the person quitting RuneScape forever, so a permanent ban is not what you’re looking for. When you report, your desire is for them to stop whatever rule-breaking they’re doing, so the consequence is for jagex to decide. For first time offenders, jagex will usually go with a mute, so they can’t speak for a certain amount of time. This is very annoying and will surely convince someone to quit the scamming, as they are on a jagex’s naughty list.

I hope this article has either given RuneScapers a warning, or at least something to do, if you know what I mean.

(this article in no way supports the breaking of any rules in any online game, follow the rules.)