How to Make a Runescape Range/2h Pure

You may have a few questions on what a range/2h pure really is. Basically, it is an account with one defence and high strength and ranged. The reason you stay at one defence is so you can be hitting much higher than your combat level would suggest. At the very basics, it is a free to plat PKing account that changes from a bow to a 2h sword. The 2h sword is what is used for the KO.

Now I am sure you are wondering how to make such an account that will surly be hitting high hits. First, you make a new runescape account. After this, you should find a way to make a little cash. The fastest way I find to start a new pure is by getting 10k from the stronghold of security and another 10k by going to the Edgeville jail, going downstairs and finding a chest with 10k in it. After this, you should go the the grand exchange and buy all scimitars from iron to rune, as well as a full iron armor set. For 10 attack and strength, you should go kill chickens at one of the farms at Lumbridge. Make sure you are always using the best scimitar possible for maximum experience. After you have 10 attack and strength, you go to cows in Lumbridge until 20 attack and strength. Next, you kill level 10 minotaurs in the stronghold of security until 30 attack and strength. Make sure you collect the iron arrows they drop, as you will be using them for ranged later. Then, you kill the level 27 minotaurs, also in the stronghold of security. Train here until 40 attack and strength and again, pick up the arrows they drop. Next, go kill Al Kharid warriors in the Al Kharid palace. You may need food at this point, as they will occasionally on you and will pile up on you. Train here until 50 strength and make sure you stop training attack, as after 40 it will actually hurt you in training it. After you get 50 strength, there are not many more options for you other then flesh crawlers. Train here whenever you want to gain more strength, all the way up to 99.

So now you have a high strength. You are pumped and ready to pk. However, you are forgetting that you need to still train your range! Training range is similar to training strength, other then the fact that you can use safe spots. Go to the grand exchange and buy a amulet of power, a coif, leather body, leather chaps, studded chaps, green d’ hide chaps, leather vambraces, green d’ hide vambraces, a short bow, a oak short bow, willow short bow, and maple short bow. Also, use the iron arrows you got from training strength and attack at the minotaurs. Because getting the arrows from the minotaurs saves you money, I would not recommend starting training ranged until you have gotten 40 attack and strength. And again, always make sure you are using the best gear you can at all times to get the fastest experience. Train range at chickens until 10 ranged, same spot as for strength. Cows until 20 ranged, just like strength and attack. To get 30 ranged, you should go back to the level 10 minotaurs from the stronghold of security. You should use the wall you see there as a safe spot, or where you go behind it and range the minotaurs on the other side so they can’t hit you. Make sure you again pick up the arrows they drop. After 30 ranged, move on to the level 27 minotaurs and kill them until 40 ranged, again picking up the arrows they drop. Now here you have some options. You can either go to the hill giants which are slower, however you get money off the big bones they drop. The other option is the faster way, killing Al Kharid warriors until 55 ranged. Now that your 55 ranged, for the fastest experience, kill hobgoblins at the crafting guild. You will be losing all the arrows you will firing, so you may need to buy some more before this. I recommend shooting at the hobgoblins from across the water from where the cows are. When you get to the crafting guild you will see what I mean. For this spot, make sure you are by yourself so hop worlds if someone is already there. What I also recommend is having 31 magic, so you can use telekinetic grab on the limpwart roots that the hobgoblins commonly drop. They are currently worth 631 gp each, so I highly recommend getting these as they can get you some great money. After you have 70 ranged, you should go to the lesser demons at Karamja. If you do not know how to get there, look at the world map and look for a small volcano with a ladder on it. After you climb down the ladder, run to the lesser demons and get behind some rocks as a safe spot. This is definity the fastest way to getting 99 with a pure.

So know you have high strength and ranged. Go out to the wilderness and practice KOing some other pures. Good luck 🙂