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    How to Make a Runescape Range/2h Pure

    You may have a few questions on what a range/2h pure really is. Basically, it is an account with one defence and high strength and ranged. The reason you stay at one defence is so you can be hitting much higher than your combat level would suggest. At the very basics, it is a free to plat PKing account that changes from a bow to a 2h sword. The 2h sword is what is used for the KO. Now I am sure you are wondering how to make such an account that will surly be hitting high hits. First, you make a new runescape account. After this, you should find…

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    RuneScape Rules List a to Do List?

    If you’re like most RuneScape players, you follow the rules. You go about your RuneScape day skilling and Pking. What players like that tend to not see, is the other category of RuneScape players. These players are slightly more dangerous and deviant. When you look at the rule list you think “well why would I ever do that?” Unfortunately, the other kinds of players see this as a To-Do list.As awful as it seems, some players see a rule list as a To-Do list for breaking. Even worse is, some of them achieve it and get away with it. It will usually start off with simple “censor avoidance”, where the…